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Welcome to the home of the original and longest established charity funded by Scotland fans, the aim of which is to make a donation to identified children’s charities in every country in which the Scottish National Football Team plays matches. Since 2003, this has been achieved – uninterrupted.

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Donation 71 Report, Kazakhstan

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You can read about our work in the Past Projects area, but here’s the quick version. Ten years and our first 49 consecutive donations condensed into three minutes…

Thank you are two small words but mean a lot

We would like to do exactly that and take you back to where ‘we’ started all those years ago.

Those with long enough memories will know that way, way back our roots as a charitable organisation lay in what was called “The Tartan Army Messageboard Sunshine Appeal”.

After a period of time and in an effort to widen the support base, the “messageboard” bit was dropped and we’ve been known as the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal ever since.

But the people of the messageboard didn’t forget.

Recently the Tartan Army Message Board has had a handover of control from the group of folks who have run it for donkey’s years to a new consortium who have pledged to carry on their good work.

The Old Guard, if we may call them that, emptied their coffers, wound up their affairs, and have donated the fabulous total of £4879 to Sunshine Appeal funds.

We’re taking this opportunity to thank, not only the Old Guard, but also the many hundreds and thousands of Message Board members whose continued visits to the Board enabled the Board to pay for its existence for all those years and build up some mullah in reserve. It is this reserve that has been added to our funds. The Board was kept going by many anonymous, not-so-anonymous, and sometimes even forgotten people. They have our gratitude.

We thank everyone very, very much and wish the new incarnation of the Board all the best for the future.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal



Sunshine Appeal To Donate at Euro 2017

Ladies 2017

Image reproduced with the express permission of the SFA

Supporting the Ladies National Team at Euro 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal will be making a £5,000 charitable donation in Holland, to coincide with the fantastic achievement of the Women’s National Team qualifying for the 2017 Euro Finals.

This additional donation could only be made from the fantastic fundraising support we receive from the wider TA, particularly during the past 12 months.

We are aware that potentially a few hundred Scotland fans are planning on travelling to the tournament, and we’d like to hear your travel plans and matches you intend on attending, as we would love some of the travelling support to join us at the donation. Please complete this short survey, which will help us identify the most appropriate location and recipient, which we’ll share in the outcome of in due course.