Everywhere We Go! – Cyprus, November 2019 (Donation 76)

by Paul Smith

As a starting point, we (the Steering Group) do our research to find a potential recipient,
who needs to be non-government funded (unfortunately for them, as it makes their goals more difficult), non-religious and help improve the lives of young children who’ve been dealt a ‘bad hand’ in life. In addition to this and where possible, we look for other
sources which in this case, was provided in the form of long-time supporter and founding member of the Cyprus TA, Mr Davy ‘Blakey’ Provan.

We agreed that The Archangel Michael Hospice was a more than worthy recipient, with
them being the only facility in Cyprus that is specifically designed to offer palliative care
to children. Their mission statement says it all:
‘To offer free hospice and palliative care to all in need regardless of their religious belief
(or no belief), nationality or the nature of the illness.’

We made contact and double checked our understanding of their funding with Mona
Skordi at the Hospice – we were good to go! Mona advised that because they are the
only facility on the island providing care for children, they have to send their staff
overseas for training, with them in turn training the rest of the staff. The donation would
be used to fund the next training trip, meaning our donation would create a positive
legacy for years to come.

The day was split into 2 parts:
Hospice Visit
A couple of us from the Steering Group along with supporters Danny Letford and
Yvonne Davie were invited to attend, with numbers being kept low to respect the
surroundings and the circumstances of those residing in the Hospice. Mona gave us a
tour, explaining their history, the support from local businesses (the supermarket
donates to them every month as an example) and the events they run to raise funds as
well. We also spent time hearing more about the services they provide from Trion
(Counsellor & Liaison Officer) and Marilyn (Nursing Assistant / Volunteers Rep.) – it was
truly inspiring!

Cheque Presentation
In true Tartan Army tradition, a party was held to celebrate YOUR fundraising efforts,
without which, we couldn’t make these donations happen. Thank you to all who came
along and also a special mention to a couple of stars, namely Neil Bell for taking over
the tunes on the night, as well as Carol Smith for piping in the start of the presentation,
plus of course Jamie from Flairs Bar for accommodating us.

I think we will all agree, another very worthy contribution from the Sunshine Appeal and
all Scotland Supporters.