Everywhere We Go! – Faroe Islands, June 2007 (Donation 20)

“Familjudeildin” and “Barna og Ungdómsdeildin” – Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Thursday 5 June by Marion Stewart

Through the Heb Bar Tartan Air Force Charter connections, John (the Fella) Stirling finally managed to track down a Children`s Organisation in the Faroes that was appropriate for the Sunshine Appeal Donation.
The following is an impressively written description of the “homes” from Marita, a staff member and an explanation of how they intended to use the TASA donation.

We have two units “Familjudeildin” and “Barna og Ungdómsdeildin”. We are placed near the center in Tórshavn.

The Family Home -Familjudeildin is a place for Families, where the parents for some reasons have difficulties in being good enough parents for their children. They live at our place for a short time, while we are supporting them in being parents, so the whole family can get a good and healthy future and grow in a positive direction. At the same time we are making a description of the families strengths and weaknesses for our authorities. This is made so the children can get the best future, also after leaving the Family Home.

The Childrens Home -Barna og Ungdómsdeildin is a home for 6 children in the age of 12-18. They can live here for a shorter or longer time. There are many different reasons for the childrens stay at our place -but they have all difficulties emotionally and socially. Our main task is to give the children a “home” and to be there for them in a good and supporting way and to give them time and place to work with their hurts. We would use the money, that you would like to give – for some short weekend trip for the Families and the children!! These trips are an upportunity for them to be together in a different way and helps them to re experience themselves.

Identifying this organisation meant that the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal could maintain its aim of donating in every country Scotland play away from home and through the gesture of friendship hopefully bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of some children in places the Tartan Army visit.

Amazingly there was plenty of sunshine in the Faroes for this trip for the lucky few (unlike me) who made it there.  On behalf of everyone, John and Ravenous Rob from HBETA visited the Children`s Home and among other pics got the obligatory dummy cheque photo sorted out.