Everywhere We Go! – Norway, September 2005 (Donation 13)

Rikshospitalet – Oslo, Norway

Wednesday 07 September by Mick Carr

For kids, being in hospital can be boring and even depressing. The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal provided funds that will be used to provide entertainment for the kids in Rikshospitalet, the largest Children’s hospital in Norway.

On the day we visited, we saw this in action for ourselves with enactments of children’s stories, dance displays, a visit by Wigwam – the Norwegian band representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest, magicians – and even the Tartan Army took to the stage!

In an atrium packed with kids and parents, we explained about the Tartan Army and the Sunshine Appeal and presented a cheque for kr. 12,000 to Dr Erik Thaulow before Darius, the piper, provided the real Scottish entertainment for the kids. Kicking off with a rendition of the theme tune to the Flintstones, Darius then provided a short medley of tunes to the audience’s delight (and a few whoops from the Norwegians!).

Afterwards, a small group of footsoldiers toured the wards to meet kids that were too immobile to make it down to the presentation. Handing out sweets and toys, we were able to chat to the kids that spoke English, whilst the hospital staff explained to those that didn’t why we were there. We also met with a teacher at the hospital who advised us that the next day they would be teaching the kids about Scotland as part of their lessons.

Before we left, we were shown the room where they’d arranged to show the game on a big screen so that all the kids well enough could join together to watch the game….and we left them with a Scotland T-shirt which they could pin to the wall as a reminder of our visit. We even promised the kids we’d sing a song for them – and told them to listen out for Doe a Deer!