Donation 98 Announcement – Georgia, November

Childrens Hospice “Firefly World”

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal’s 98th consecutive donation will be made to ‘Firefly World’ and will take place in Tbilisi on match day, with the presentation details to be shared once they’ve been agreed.

Their mission is to provide holistic, palliative care services to children, young people and their families in the region.  They deliver these services in partnership with others wherever possible, while promoting the cause of palliative care for children and young people.

On January 17, 2017, the first children’s hospice in Georgia “Firefly World” was launched in Tbilisi. The name of the hospice, “Firefly World”, came from the Georgian tale: “The Adventures of The Piper Boy Salamura”.

The Hospice works in three basic directions:

  • 24-hour service for simultaneously 10 children and their parents;
  • daytime centre, where children and their parents stay from morning till evening to receive necessary services;
  • home care service, which has already existed for three years and which provides services to 50 children, which will continue to operate.

At the moment when kids and their parents realize that there is no way to cure their illness, palliative care plays a huge role in mitigating psychological, physical and emotional situations. The hospice team tries its best to make kids happy, alleviate pain and help their dreams come true.

We’re discussing with the hospice if it might be possible to visit them for the presentation. Should this be the case, we will all need to be mindful of the location and the circumstances of the children and their families – we know you all would be considerate, but please take this into account if you wish to attend.