Donation 101 Announcement – GERMANY, June!!

Team Bananenflanke (

And in a blink of an eye, it’s Donation 101.

What a way to mark the opening game of the European Championships, Germany v Scotland!

Team Bananenflanke is an innovative football project specifically for children with physical or mental handicaps. The focus is on football, but there is much more behind it: experiential educational influences awaken emotions that help develop personality and social skills. The focus is on conveying a sense of success and the associated building of positive self-esteem.

The project is now being carried out across Germany and is independently organized in non-profit associations.

To them, “Football knows no borders!”, and this is a motto which the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal share.

Dominik Lorenzer, president of Team Bananenflanke München, had the following words to say when we first approached them that we would be donating to them:

“Your message was one of the best messages this year so far! We are so happy and cannot believe it that you want to support us. We are more than grateful and I do not find words for your support.”

With the money they can afford a full year’s training camp for all kids, which is truly amazing, and shows the power of football!

On match day we will be presenting them with £5,000 (around 5,800 Euros) in Munich – likely mid afternoon and we’ll share details of the presentation as soon as we’ve agreed them.

Our thanks to a host of people involved with German football, including Scottish football commentator Derek Rae, football journalist Christoph Biermann, reporter Fabian Jonas of 11FREUNDE, and his friend Michael Wiethaus, for recommending Team Bananenflanke.

#Teamwork #EverywhereWeGo