Everywhere We Go! – Liechtenstein, October 2011 (Donation 37)

Unanders – Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Saturday 7 October by June Callison

The chosen charity for the Sunshine Appeal donation in Liechtenstein was Unanders.

Unanders are a self-help group for families of children with disabilities such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism.

As Vaduz did not have enough room to accommodate the thousands of traveling Scots, the sunshine appeal members were bussed in from Munich on the afternoon of the game thanks to a steering group member and his fantastic organizational skills!

June Callison with Dot Wilson, Graeme Shinnie and John Daly present a cheque to families from Unanders immediately prior to the match in Vaduz

Due to the time constraints we were not able to visit the charity. However a few of the steering group were permitted to carry out the presentation on the pitch before the game and were joined by both children and families from Unanders. This turned out to be a fantastic and very emotional experience and we are only sorry that the few thousand tartan army who had taken over the stadium could not join us!

We would like to thank both the Liechtenstein FA and the Scottish FA for their help and support in order to make this presentation possible.

We would also like to thank Eva Wohlwend, our contact at the charity for assistance with the arrangements on the day. We wish Unanders luck in the future and hope that our donation has put a little bit of sunshine into the snowy city of Vaduz!