Emails From Belgium Fans 2012

Feedback following the donation in Brussels in 2012:-

Email to the Sunshine Appeal from Christophe:-


I just saw the tv report on your visit to the UZ Hospital in Brussels, visiting their children’s cancer facility and donating a cheque.

I’m very impressed by this initiative. I didn’t know of its existence.
But along with repeatedly showing your tremendous reputation as football fans, you clearly show you have the heart in the right place with initiatives like this.

I can only hope that your example is being followed all over the world, an particularly by our own reddevils-fanclubs.

Best of luck to you.
I hope you get to feel the warmth of appreciation from the children and their loved ones for a long time to come.

Christophe De Norre

Email to the Sunshine Appeal from Carl:-

Good afternoon,

I just would like to express my sincerest and deepest respect for what you are doing. I just saw and read about your charity action in Brussels yesterday in the Belgian press. What you guys realize really makes a difference for the people you visit and I truly hope you can keep up the good work for a very long time. I think organizations like yours are an added value to football and sport in general.

Thanks, all the best.

And another email to the Sunshine Appeal:


thx for the great support to the belgian child cancerfund. greatly
appreciated and also thx for a great football evening. CHEERS


Et Amerijckx


Thank you guys.
We appriciate very much whath the TARTTAN ARMY did fot the small cancer
patients at the UZ hospital in Brussels.
Its was nice.
Regards .
link to :