Everywhere We Go! – Luxembourg, June (Donation 83)

The 83rd consecutive donation, which marked our second and final pre-Euro 2021 game against Luxembourg, was conducted pre-match, via Zoom. You can have a look at the presentation here.

Solina Solidarite Jeunes is a charity based In Luxembourg City who aim to help all ages facing difficulties in social and psychosocial situations, from troubled and/or abusive homes, with our donation specifically being used with their ‘Op de Patten’ project.

The Op de Patten project offers a complementary therapy, animal assisted educational and therapeutic help to children dealing with traumatic or abusive experiences. The specially trained animals are used as a voice between the children and the therapists allowing them to express themselves in a way which would be more difficult otherwise, to talk about and verbalise their experiences. The relationship the child forms with the animal has been proven to increase the child’s wellbeing and self-esteem substantially. The service is funded by donations and currently is available to mostly children aged from 8-16 but following the success of the project for this age group they want to extend the service to younger participants which we hope our donation will help.