Everywhere We Go! – Netherlands, November 2003 (Donation 4)

Emma’s Children’s Hospital – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wednesday 19 November

Sterrewereld (the web community) is a fantastic thing for the kids who have subscriptions for it (25 more now, thanks to our donation) – enabling them to keep updated with the latest news on music, movies, books and so forth.
They will also shortly be able to create their own web pages on it so that when they leave hospital, the friends they made in there will be able to keep up with what they’re doing by viewing their website (which will also be available to the outside world)

There were loads of photos taken by ourselves and by the various press people who were there – I’ll try to get mine uploaded over the weekend and Esther from Sterrekind has promised to send on any articles which appear in the Dutch press and so forth. I’ll hopefully get something put together in the next couple of days to put up on the SA website too, so keep watching.

Finally – I’d like to say thanks to all those who came along to the presentation and a huge thanks to everyone who has bought badges, t-shirts, songbooks and so forth – without you, there would be no money to make donations.

Oh – and one last bit of thanks….

To BigDaveJ and Lauren, Aiden and Matthew (JohnW’s kids) who stepped in at the last minute to be the Scots participants in the hospital TV show…you are meedja tarts of the highest order, but you’re all stars

Oh, and I forgot to say…quote of the day came from BigDaveJ:

When asked if what he was wearing was the traditional Scottish football shirt, Dave replied “Yes lassie – this is the shirt we were wearing when we beat you on Saturday!!”….cue the sound of half a dozen of us falling off our seats laughing in the next room


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