Everywhere We Go! – Germany, September 2014 (Donation 52)

By Craig Couper.

To mark our 52nd consecutive donation, the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal traveled to Dortmund, Germany. We came across Kinderlachen, a children’s charity based in Dortmund that assisted underprivileged children across the whole of Germany as well as locally in Dortmund. On the Eve of the game, Craig Couper from the steering group and long time supporter of the Sunshine Appeal Steve Miller traveled to the head office of Kinderlachen to meet with the founder, Marc Peine where the presentation of the £3,000 donation was made. Marc gave an overview of the charity and the work it does. Our donation will be used in an initiative where Kinderlachen purchase beds for children who have never slept in their own bed before. They like to call this “My 1st Bed”. It is one of many initiatives Kinderlachen run. We would like to take this time to thank all supporters of the Sunshine Appeal, as without you we could not do the work that we do. Thank you. Everywhere We Go!

TASA Dortmund