Everywhere We Go! – Netherlands, June (Donation 82)

The 82nd consecutive donation, which marked the game against The Netherlands, was conducted, once more via Zoom. You can have a look at the presentation here.

‘Stichting Hartendekens’ is a small charity based in Doetinchem in the Netherlands and started in 2014 when a group of ladies with a passion for crochet sent two “comfort” blankets to two children whose mother did not have long to live. This has since evolved into nearly 5000 unique hand crocheted blankets (along with crocheted toys) being sent to children and young people from age 6-21 years who (unfortunately) :

  • Are hampered from enjoying a happy, carefree childhood due to a long term illness or disability, physical, mental or psychological
  • Have been placed in foster care
  • Lose or have lost a family member in a short space of time

Heart blankets offer these children warmth, comfort and security during their difficult times. Each blanket contains a “granny” (a square) with a heart in it to remind each child they are loved and each blanket is unique as it’s made up of individual squares collected from an army of volunteer crocheters from all over the Netherlands. All the yarn is bought by the volunteers and their time is given free of charge so most of the costs involved for this charity are postage and transportation costs.

Marc from ‘Stichting Hartendekens’ has said that YOUR donation is like a miracle and will give so many children some relief and comfort, with a few going to contain a saltire as one of the squares.