Carol Smith

I’ve been following Scotland since I was a wee lassie but actually going to home and away games for about 10 years. I love the banter and meeting lots of new, old and some very interesting folk… I heard of the Sunshine Appeal many years ago but didn’t realise I could attend presentations till quite recently.

I was asked to pipe at one in Belgium but unfortunately, I was smoring (nope, no idea what that is either but Dufftonians do!) with the cold and Willie went instead. I have now been to 2 presentations, one in Peru and one Albania. Both were amazing and hopefully I will get to attend many more.

TASA presentation to the Jonathan Centre Tirana.

Having enjoyed the hospitality of the Christmas market (Skanderbeg Square) a little too much the night before, it was difficult to make the early meeting but our reward for making the visit was to see the happy faces of the all the children. The cheque presentation was translated into Albanian and the reaction from the families at being told that this was the 70th time that TASA had made such a generous donation (£5,000) was humbling with lots of wows.

We met and chatted to all the children and their families and even danced a traditional polka dance. We were then shown round the centre’s facilities which included a speech therapy room, a music room, (Mary and I even tried our hand at some bell ringing), we saw some of the paper art work that the children do which was stunning, (see picture of butterfly). The children enjoyed their photos being taken with the glengarry and pretending to play the bagpipes. Thanks to Willie for bringing and playing his bagpipes.

Before the match we were in a small bar in Shkoder and one of the children from the centre was there with his family. His reaction to seeing us was amazing (lots of high 5’s). We must have made a good impression that morning. We really enjoyed the visit and thank you for letting us attend.

And big congratulation to all members of the committee for doing such an amazing job, so keep up the good work.

Carol, Mike and Willie.

If you’ve been involved with the Sunshine Appeal in the past whether that’s doing a fundraiser, attending a donation or simply buying some merchandise, we’d love to hear your story.