Everywhere We Go! – Norway, June (Donation 94)


The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal’s 94th consecutive donation was made in Oslo on 17 June 2023.

‘Step by Step’ is a charity set up by sporting friends, who’ve represented Norway at national level, with Joakim Hykkerud (Handball) and Stefan Strandberg (Football) starting the organisation together to lend a helping hand to children, adults and families in need.

“The Step By Step Charity wants to give every day joy to people who are having a tough time.”

The foundation’s aim is to create “good” days for children / young people and is done by putting together an experience for them, when they are going through a tough period in their lives. This in turns helps them (together) create new bonds and memories.

Joakim came along to the presentation, but Stefan was playing in the game that day. They had an event the previous week where they played a game of handball and football, and he explained in more detail that it’s only the two of them and all the money they raise is used for the benefit of those they are helping – which is exactly how the Sunshine Appeal is run, so we felt we had the perfect recipient.

The donated the value was £4,500 (NOK59,683.95) and not the £4,000 ‘someone’ wrote on the cheque – they’ve promised the mistake won’t happen again!

Here’s the video of the presentation and our thanks to Mark Love for his piping, which he performed after doing the Park Run earlier that day in the circa 30-degree heat! Keep your ears open to hear our Chair (Neil Forbes) tell you about him sharing 80 international caps with Joakim.


Our thanks again to Joakim for taking the time to meet us and to Tina Wulf, from Vålerenga Football (where Stefan plays) for her assistance in connecting us with Stefan and Joakim.

Finally, we can’t do what we do without you our supporters and our thanks to those who made it on the day and indeed to all of you, for your support of the Sunshine Appeal.