** CHRISTMAS RAFFLE ** Fully Signed Scotland Shirt

For an entry fee of £10.50/ticket, you’ll have the chance of winning a fully signed shirt from the Malta vs Scotland game!

Game Details:
World Cup Qualifier, Ta’ Qali National Stadium, Malta
4th September 2017
Malta 1
A Effiong (13)
Scotland 5
R Snodgrass (9, 61 pen, 84),C Martin (53),S Fletcher (78)

This shirt that has been donated to the Sunshine Appeal by Ikechi Anya and is fully signed by the squad from this game.
This shirt has been prepared by the SFA as a match day shirt, including the date/game details on the front.

We will run a ‘National Lottery Raffle’, which the bonus ball number of the designated week, is the winning number.
The National Lottery draw that takes place on the 16th of December is the designated draw – this is to take into account the UK postal service and how busy it will be at this time but the winner should still be getting the top in time for Christmas.

To keep it simple, we won’t be asking people to pick their numbers, as this adds complexity to the
process and adds to the mix that people might send payment for the same number!
What we will do is, we will regularly update everyone with the number of tickets that are still available and once all tickets are sold, we then do a draw to allocate ticket(s) purchase to their allocated number(s) – this will be prior to the National Lottery Draw, so you know what your lucky number(s) are.

In the (hopefully unlikely) event that tickets remain unsold:

In the event that the Bonus Ball drawn, is not a ticket that’s been sold, we will award the shirt to the next closest number that has been sold. If there’s 2 numbers that are equally as close to the Bonus Ball number, the winner shall be the one who purchased their ticket first.

When researching how other tops are sold, it’s usually via the highest bidders process but as we are thankful to both the player for donating and our supporters for backing a whole range of things we do (plus the same for others raising on our behalf), we are NOT making it about who’s got the deepest pockets and wish to make it affordable to as many people as possible.

Tickets will cost £10.50 each (which includes the PayPal fee), and generates a donation value of approximately £10.00 per ticket.

NOTE, if the winner is outside of the UK, we will contact the winner and discuss the additional costs of sending abroad, with them paying this additional cost.

Please visit our online shop, where you can buy in whatever multiples of ticket(s) you wish to buy, i.e. 1 ticket is £10.50, 2 tickets are £21.00, 3 tickets are £31.50 etc.
Click here to access the shop.

Remember, there are only 59 tickets being sold, so you’ve got a great chance of winning this unique shirt for a lot less that if it was being sold to the highest bidder.

Good luck everyone and as ever, we greatly appreciate your support.