Everywhere We Go! – Netherlands, March 2009 (Donation 26)

Only Friends – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Saturday 28 March by Dorothy Wilson

A drookit Dot presents the cheque

On the morning of Saturday 28th March 2009, more than 50 footsoldiers travelled by bus to watch the children of the Only Friends club play football.

After the game, we were invited in to the club house for some chips and a small light refreshment. The children were delighted with the gifts from the footsoldiers – hats, T-shirts, flags, sweeties etc- and of course, the team’s new mascot – Scottie the bear, dressed in full Highland outfit.

5 pipers caused a great deal of excitement and entertainment! The children were delighted to be allowed to play the bagpipes!

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donated £1000 to Only Friends. The Ronald McDonald Centre is currently being redeveloped – with 2 football pitches, swimming pool and indoor sports courts all specifically developed for children with disabilities. Our donation will be put towards new sports equipment. You can follow their progress on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who came along – that was a great turn out! Thanks for all the gifts! Also thanks for all the donations of money!