The Steering group is made up of folk who want to help. See the Steering Group page for a list of names

What’s the best way to contact you?

See the “Contact Us “ page

Is the Sunshine Appeal a Registered Charity?


Why did it take so long to become registered?

Following an initial discussion with the Inland Revenue, the Steering Group had decided not to become a registered charity due to the small amount of money that would be in the accounts at any one time and because money is distributed quickly through donations, there would not be enough on which to claim much tax relief back. “Gift Aid ” it was felt, would only really be worthwhile pursuing if a significant donation was received from an individual or company and therefore was not suited for the types of donations the TAMB Sunshine Appeal received.

However, feedback from supporters and potential supporters of the Sunshine Appeal  convinced the Steering Group to apply for registration. Registration with OSCR was achieved in May 2010 and recognition of charitable status for tax purposes was achieved in August. The Sunshine Appeal now qualifies for Gift Aid.

Who has access to the funds?

Transactions out require authorisation from two of three Signatories. The Signatories are Neil Forbes (Chairman), John Daly (Financial Officer) and Paul Smith (Vice Chairman).

How does the Sunshine Appeal deal with people’s expenses?

The Sunshine Appeal does not reimburse expenses. The people who aid the charity and contribute to the funds know that they bear any costs (incidental, travel, etc) themselves.

How is the money allocated to projects?

By discussing ideas via the e-mail group and coming up with a plan and an agreed amount, depending on funds at the time. It would be impossible to embark on a project like the initial one in Lithuania, every time we travelled abroad. So there may be just a cash donation to a charity or organisation involving children.

Is it only at AWAY games, the Sunshine Appeal makes a donation?

Yes, and this was the original concept of the Appeal. Discussions about donating within Scotland have taken place but it is felt that this is not why the Sunshine Appeal was established. There are several Tartan Army Clubs that fundraise substantial amounts for their local hospitals and favourite local charities. The Sunshine Appeal concerns itself with the “away” countries. The ethos of the Sunshine Appeal is, and will remain, to make a gesture of friendship and spread a little sunshine everywhere we go.

How Can I Help?

By regularly visiting the Tartan Army Message Board or this website or the Sunshine Appeal Facebook page, you will be able to find out what is going on and involve yourself – be it by buying merchandise, donating money or goods or any other fundraising activity. Telling your friends and colleagues about the Sunshine Appeal is a great way to help too. See the thanks page for an indication of the many ways people have contributed.

My company donates to charities – is there any “bumf” you can give me to pass on?

The Sunshine Appeal has always relied on the active involvement of Scotland fans. The Sunshine Appeal would prefer to accept funds raised by the various ways that Scotland fans have of creating donations, leaving the more corporate aspects to others. However, if you you have a specific question about this please contact us.

Can I donate regularly via Standing Order?

Yes, if this is a way in which you would like to contribute. We would provide you with the details and you would have to take the information to your own bank. You could start and end this arrangement to suit your needs.

How do I send in a donation?

There are a range of ways to make a contribution to TASA.  You can find them all here.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal is a registered Scottish charity SC041455