Everywhere We Go! – Serbia, 12 Nov 2020 (Donation 78)

(Better late than never, since the Play Off Final was originally scheduled for March 2020)

We’d like to introduce you to Evo Ruka from Zemun Polje in Belgrade.

They have been involved in a wide range of activities over the last 10 years, delivering projects that help children and young people with disabilities and rare diseases, to overcome everyday problems and design and implement sustainable solutions in the field of social inclusion and community life for this population.

For some insight into what the donation will be supporting, here’s a detailed look at what they do.

Their website is under construction (currently not in English but Google Translate etc, will do the job)

We feel they are a worthy recipient and we hope you feel the same way too.

As a presentation in the traditional sense was clearly impossible in the present circumstances, as per the Czech Republic donation last month, we conducted a Zoom call instead. Various members representing Evo Ruka and TASA were present as well as Dusan from the British Embassy in Belgrade and even the local press.