Everywhere We Go! – Israel, March (Donation 81)

The 81st consecutive donation, which marked the game against Israel, was conducted, once more via Zoom. You can have a look at the presentation here.

On this occasion, the beneficiaries were Imagine – www.imagine.org.il/

Imagine are an after-school music programme, for children with special needs, enabling them to be part of an inclusive band. Exceptional improvements are seen in children’s musical, personal and interpersonal skills as well as physical and social improvements and changes to behaviour at home.

Part of Imagine’s focus is to run after school programmes for children at all levels of personal and musical ability. The groups consist of 75% children with special needs such as autism, ADHD, behavioural issues, sensory and learning difficulties. The aim of the group is to create an ‘Inclusive Band’ where participants of different ages and musical ability work together through the course of the school year, to practice and perform in community centres, old-age homes and at community events.

The donation will help Imagine to deliver their SoundLab program to 100 new students. SoundLab is an E-learning program that combines music and technologies and offer a new way to teach and experience music – this program is ideal for online teaching and offers a unique opportunity for music teachers to keep music lessons all through the COVID19 crisis.

Imagine is run by Shirley Wiener and here’s her reaction, upon hearing of the donation:

“It warms my heart to see the ways people choose to get involved and give back to society and what better way to do it than sport? I always say that part of my vision is to make music as accessible and inclusive as sport.

My name is Shirley, I just turned 50, my background is in education and I actually did my MA in Liverpool. I am a special mom of a 18 YO with Autism and volunteer with the national special parents leadership working towards a more equal and inclusive society – 7 years ago I decided to open a non-profit that combines 3 of my biggest passions in life: Music, Education and social entrepreneurship.

IMAGINE develops and operates unique music education programs for all focusing on accessibility, inclusion, multiculturalism, diversity and innovation. We believe music is the perfect platform to connect people and nurture academic, personal and social skills. In our 7 years we changes the lives of over 4500 participants through music, was chosen as advisory to the UN, won international education awards and collaborated with leading organisations ( Drake Scotland, Berklee Boston, Ressunarri Finland, Ministries of education around the world).”