Emails From Drustvo Bravo (Slovenia 2017)

Dear June and Graeme,

We can’t forget your generosity in relation to your donation.

In addition to the donation you also increased the Bravo Association recognition in public, as many media published short information about your donation. In the future some articles will be published as well.

Members of the Bravo Association wish you a lot of pleasant experiences while cheering for your football team.

All the best,


See here for articles published in relation to this donation.


Dear Graeme,

on behalf of our society I would like to thank all of you at the TASA for today’s donation. I attended the event at the Celica hostel and it was lovely.

I’d like to share with you a gallery of photos from the event, they’re unedited and complete, so you’ll have a good look into the whole event since you couldn’t be there. The event also got coverage from our national TV team (already twice today in the news) and I’ve sent some photos to a reporter from the leading Slovenian newspaper, Delo, and just got an email from her saying that the article will be published in the next Sunday edition of Delo.

We will publish a public photo album on Društvo Bravo website in the following days.

I wish your football team best of luck at the championships and keep up the good work with TASA.

All the best from Slovenia,