The Scottish Cup Predictor

With points awarded for predicting the core after 90 minutes in the final – and for predicting the winners, here is the final table.

northernscum 108
Grace Athletic 104
Flure 100
TheBlack 99
I. T. Loungers 98
Hannanite 97
Powerimac70 97
junebug 97
toomanynumpties 95
Parklife 93
Lossiejock 92
Buckie Lastard 90
Caledonian1 90
TA Jetset 89
Scottish Messi 87
smithecosse 82
Bogoroditsk TA 79
GhostZapper 76
scunnered 72
sgaggyyaggy 69
thewolf_1980 68
thetynesidetippler 68
jenblueeyes 45
Quality76 35
Brochdoll 20
kiltedblue2 3

Congratulations to northernscum who wins £65, to Grace Athletic who wins £39 and to the magnifcent performance of Flure who wins £26.

Entry fee and prize money:-

The entry fee for this 10-month long competition is £10.

The accumulated money will be split 50% to Sunshine Appeal funds, 25% to the winner, 15% to the second-placed and 10% to the third.

To ensure your membership of the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal Scottish Cup Predictor Competition, send your £10 entry fee via Paypal to Please make sure that you cover Paypal’s costs.

Please ensure that you include your (real) name and game name in the comments field. Please put “Scottish Cup Predictor” in the Subject field.

Entries will only be accepted prior to kick-off of the first First Round match


Although an email of required predictions will be sent out prior to each round, individuals are responsible for ensuring that their predictions are made on time. Predictions for each round must be received prior to the kick off of the first match in that round.

5 points will be awarded for correct predictions of the Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Finalists.

10 points will be awarded for the correct prediction of the eventual winners.

3 points will be awarded for the correct score prediction of each match. 1 point will be awarded for the correct outcome prediction (i.e. Home, Away, Draw) of each match.

Replays will not be included in the competition unless the first match had been abandoned. In this case, the original prediction will be used.

The Sunshine Appeal accepts no responsibility for anything bad.

Thanks for your continued support for the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal – we couldn’t do what we do without you.