Everywhere We Go! – Faroe Islands, October (Donation 87)

The recipient of the 87th consecutive donation, marking the game against the Faroe Islands, was Javni who are based in Torshavn and celebrate their 50th birthday in 2021.

The name Javni is taken from a wild plant which flourishes in the harsh Faroe Islands environment and also means equality or parity in Faroese which sums up the ethos of the charity, to provide a world where everyone has an equal chance.

The mission of Javni is to provide support for the intellectually disabled and their families throughout the Faroes. The charity does support the intellectually disabled of all ages but has a particular focus on children and young adults. Their vision is to provide a world where everyone has a chance:

  • for independence
  • to realise dreams and
  • for a full and rewarding life regardless of additional challenges faced.

Over the coming months we’ll work with Marjun, who runs Javni, to understand which project the donation will help to fund, so we can share this with you.

Here are a few links to the presentation:

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