Thank You To

From the time the Tartan Army took on fundraising to assist Kemal Karic there have been many, many people who played a part in the ongoing raising of money and the success of the what has become known as the Sunshine Appeal.

To name all the individuals and all organisations would probably be impossible, but hopefully in the following acknowledgement people will recognise themselves and others. In 2012 we said goodbye to Passport Travel when Eddie and Jimmy went into “semi” retirement. Passport Travel have supported the Sunshine Appeal over a long number of years.

Also this list will perhaps give an indication of the imagination, determination, resourcefulness and generosity of spirit shown in the varied contributions to the Sunshine Appeal Fund.

Here goes……

November 2012 – A Scotland fan ran the Athens marathon and donated all his sponsorship to Sunshine Appeal funds

May 2012 – a group of fans organised a Kilted Golf Day at Haddington Golf club. The best part of 100 golfers, good and progressing, male and female were on the course on a lovely sunny East Coast day. It is planned that this will have been the inaugural event for what will become an annual event.

April 2012 – a group of fans walked 26 miles to raise funds for the Appeal amongst others

February 2012 – a  Sunshine Appeal supporter donated a cheque for £1000 from his employer’s Charity fund after he had applied on the Sunshine Appeal’s behalf

October 2011 – collections organised on madmurphy’s buses going to and from the Leichtenstein away game

March 2011 – Tyneside Tavern in Haddington organised a charity auction lunch

August 2010 – Dunfermline Tartan Army did a sponsored walk up Ben Lomond

Thanks for the contributions from all those who:-

  • initiated the fund raising for Kemo which led to the existence of the Sunshine Appeal.
  • administered the Tartan Army Message Board, which enabled the Appeal to grow.
  • came up with great ideas and designs for t-shirts / fleeces / badges / stickers / songbooks / CDs etc. and sold and distributed these.
  • acquired things like scarves, phone-covers, kilt socks and even laptop computers which were sold in aid of the Appeal.
  • bought anything which involves a contribution to the Appeal.
  • contributed an amount via the sale of their own TA related products.
  • took part in sponsored walks, runs, cycling, marathons, slimming and hardest of all alcohol abstinence to raise money for the Appeal.
  • sponsored and supported any of the above
  • organised raffles by obtaining prizes and selling tickets.
  • donated raffle prizes and items for auction.
  • bought raffle tickets and bid in auctions.
  • organised and attended events such as Race Nights, Football Matches, Charity Lunches, Christmas Dances etc.
  • collected with and donated to the Sunshine Appeal “bucket” on Match Days.
  • donated a percentage of bar-takings on Match Days.
  • collected items and cash donations within their workplaces.
  • contacted companies and organisations for donations .
  • raised money within their own TA branches for the Appeal.
  • bought and provided items to be taken to kids in addition to the Appeal donation.
  • liaised with embassies and other organisations.
  • attended parties and presentations and handed over the Sunshine Appeal donation.
  • advised on transfer of funds and donations.
  • took photographs and wrote reports of their experience of a Sunshine Appeal presentation.
  • set up and administer the Sunshine Appeal Fund Bank Account.
  • designed, set up, funded and contributed to this website.
  • allowed the Sunshine Appeal to further benefit from their donations by applying Gift Aid

Your past – and ongoing – support has been, and will be, vital in ensuring that the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal can continue to spread a little bit of sunshine – Everywhere We Go!!