Everywhere We Go! – Austria, September (Donation 86)

The recipient of the 86th consecutive donation, to mark the game against Austria, was BONSurprise who are based in Vienna.

Here, in their own words, is what they do:

Life is full of surprises. Children in particular, who discover life particularly intense, are always good for a surprise. Most of the time, these give cause for great joy. All the worse when fate strikes and the little ones are confronted with life-threatening diseases.

We know from our own experience that such moments can turn previous life upside down and lead to disorientation. Coping with otherwise everyday things becomes a great challenge – physically, emotionally, financially.

We have made it our business to support the little patients and their families in this situation.

BONsurprise supports the families concerned in this difficult time with suitable PENGUIN apartments so that they can be together in an atmosphere similar to that of home. In order to guarantee the best medical care at the same time, the PENGUIN apartments are always close to hospitals and are always easy to reach by public transport.

Why not find out more at their website here.

Andrea Salzmann, one of the charity’s founders, has indicated that they would use our donation as follows:

BONsurprise will spend the money on the rent of the 5 PENGUIN apartments, for the necessary heating and electricity costs, household insurance and UPC (Internet). Your generous donation we would use especially for our children with cancer. For equine therapy and shiatsu treatment. The rest on gifts (happy birthday parties) and activities (visits to the zoo or the Prater – amusement park in Vienna).

I’m sure you can agree that BONsurprise are yet another fantastic recipient of TASA’s donation.

Hopefully for the final time, the presentation was conducted virtually. You can watch it here.