Everywhere We Go! – Slovakia, 15 Nov 2020 (Donation 79)

Deťom S Rakovinou (Children with Cancer)

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/detomsrakovinou
Website (You’ll need a translate tool to read) – www.detomsrakovinou.sk

As part of our November 2020 Triple Header, we are delighted to announce that our 79th consecutive donation will be to Deťom S Rakovinou. Established in 2015 by parents who have children that have received treatment for cancer, they have made it their mission to help children and their families who are hospitalized in the children’s cancer ward of NÚDCH Hospital in Bratislava.

We are the parents of children who were treated at the Bratislava Pediatric Oncology. We have undergone long-term demanding treatment with them and that is why we know what this means for families with such a sick child. We decided to help and pass on our experience to others.”

Cancer in children in Slovakia is a bit of a “taboo subject” and they seek to raise awareness so that everyone knows what cancer can bring. “We want to talk about childhood cancer, we participate in festivals and we publish promotional materials so that the topic of cancer is not taboo“.

Through their work they provide families with material assistance (i.e. hygiene items, detergents and kitchen equipment, because parents often cook for their children in the hospital) and to create a safe and more pleasant environment for families when they go for treatment.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal  is really honoured that we are able to financially assist this great organisation with the work that they do helping children in Slovakia suffering from cancer.

With our presence in Slovakia again impossible, we conducted our third Zoom call of the year on Monday 16th November. Present on the call were Dasa Mala Fabsikova & Monika Grancicova from Deťom S Rakovinou; TASA Chairman: Neil Forbes, vice chair: Paul Smith, Financial Officer: Micky Ross, Secretary: Clark Gillies and steering group member, Alastair Dunlop.