Being part of the Tartan Army is more than a love of football or representing Scotland abroad.  It’s about making friends wherever we go, and it was one of these friendships that led to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.

Detail on all the past projects can be found in the ‘Past Projects’ page but donations are given to organisations for disadvantaged and chronically ill children.  Donations come in the form of money and, in some particularly needy cases, goods such as clothes, toiletries, games, toys, sweets etc all of which are kindly donated by footsoldiers.

Every country visited by the Tartan Army benefits with a local charity being identified and a presentation made by footsoldiers on or around the day of the game.  A bunch of Scottish football fans, all kilted up, going in to make a presentation can make quite an impact for the children and, indeed, for the hard-worked staff too. They really appreciate the personal touch of tartan bedecked fans entertaining them! And a blast on the doodlesac from the piper(s) goes down a treat too.

The Sunshine Appeal was put together by people on their own initiative.  Just Scottish football supporters, proud of their country and doing it because they want to.  It’s pure passion – just as Scottish football should be.

Information about the Sunshine Appeal will continue to be posted on the Tartan Army Message Board along with this website and the Sunshine Appeal’s Facebook page.


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