Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 22 – Georgia 17/10/2007

For this donation, the Sunshine Appeal contributed to a shared effort with Tartan Tblisi.  First Step is a day care centre for mentally and physically disabled youngsters and below is an excerpt from the report in the Daily Record which covered the donation.

“THE Tartan Army scored an amazing victory in Georgia – before a ball was even kicked.  Citizens of this impoverished country have taken the travelling fans to their hearts for lavishing disabled children with clothes, toys and cash.

Locals turned out at Tbilisi Airport yesterday morning to welcome around 300 Scots with a medley of traditional folk songs.  And by the time the day was through, Georgian TV was broadcasting special news programmes about the generous visitors from afar.

Denis Keefe, Britain’s ambassador to Georgia, joined Scotland fans at a gift-delivery event for First Step, a day centre for mentally and physically disabled youngsters.  The 49-year-old diplomat said: “I think this is fantastic. These guys might be here for a football match but they are really helping to put Scotland on the map.  “Everything I had previously heard about the Tartan Army is true. They are brilliant ambassadors for their country.”

Several dozen travelling supporters got in some early practice at First Step, on the outskirts of Tbilisi.  They played Scotland the Brave on their pipes and encouraged the kids to beat the drum for their country.  Musician Craig Shepherd, 36, from Edinburgh, said: “It’s been a privilege to come here and share a little bit of Scotland with the kids.”

A hospital linked to the centre will receive baby care equipment costing £15,000 thanks to the generosity of the Scots.  Mum Nana Zakareishvili explained that until her 17-year-old son Mishiko was 14, he had nowhere to go during the day.  Nana, 35, said: “When First Step opened, he was able to come to school for the first time. I am very satisfied because he is learning skills and is happy to go to school every morning.  “It is very kind of your Scottish supporters to bring gifts to him and his friends today. We all know this is the country of the kilt.”

Original Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 21 – France 11/09/2007

The charity chosen to tie in with the match in Paris was called “Main dans la Main” (“Hand in Hand”) and is operated mainly at the Necker Children`s Hospital in Paris.

Their purpose is to try to make a child`s time in hospital more pleasant and less frightening. There seemed to be three things they provided – toys & games; volunteers to play with the children; furnishings.

At the hospital the TASA group met with Odile the Volunteer Administrator, Pierre the president of the organisation and 2 well established lady committee members .  They saw where Main dans la Main had contributed to different departments in the hospital and explained that these improvements to communal rooms for families helped encourage children to eat more than they might otherwise.  There was a play area made to look like an operating theatre so that children might find going for surgery less frightening when the time came.  One of the play/family rooms had been painted by art graduates at the request of the charity.  This had become part of the students degree work and was a fantastic idea for some outstanding decor that children could really enjoy.  It was clear that Main dans la Main were making a significant difference for any child and their relatives who were attending the Necker Hospital.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donation will add to the great de-institutionalising touches they have made throughout the many departments.  Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 20 – Faroe Islands 05/06/2007

Through the Heb Bar Tartan Air Force Charter connections, John (the Fella) Stirling managed to track down a Children`s Organisation in the Faroes that was appropriate for the Sunshine Appeal Donation. The following is an impressively written description of the “homes” from Marita, a staff member and an explanation of how they intended to use the TASA donation.

“We have two units “Familjudeildin” and “Barna og Ungdómsdeildin”. We are placed near the center in Tórshavn.
The Family Home -Familjudeildin is a place for Families, where the parents for some reasons have difficulties in being good enough parents for their children. They live at our place for a short time, while we are supporting them in being parents, so the whole family can get a good and healthy future and grow in a positive direction. At the same time we are making a description of the families strengths and weaknesses for our authorities. This is made so the children can get the best future, also after leaving the Family Home.

The Childrens Home -Barna og Ungdómsdeildin is a home for 6 children in the age of 12-18. They can live here for a shorter or longer time. There are many different reasons for the children who stay at our place – but they have all difficulties emotionally and socially. Our main task is to give the children a “home” and to be there for them in a good and supporting way and to give them time and place to work with their hurts. We would use the money that you would like to give – for some short weekend trip for the Families and the children!! These trips are an opportunity for them to be together in a different way and helps them to re-experience themselves.”  Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 19 – Austria 30/05/2007

Elternitiative Project – Vienna, Austria

For the visit of the Tartan Army to Vienna, the Sunshine Appeal donated to a project which provided computer training for children and young people suffering from cancer and related illnesses. The donation was to assist paying the tutor who provided the training for the European Computer Driving Licence.   To enable the children to complete the training more easily, the tutor offered training at a patient`s bedside and would visit them at home when it was necessary.

Picture 3

TASA were met by Susanne who we had communicated with, a volunteer, and a parent involved in the project.  Susanne explained that two of the young people who should have been for computer training, were too vulnerable to be amongst people due to their reduced immunity.  The TASA party met 3 of the young people doing the training and one boy Stephan who was trained as a facilitator.  The tutor (also called Stephan) told us how much he enjoyed his job and how rewarding it was when the children brightened up when he went to the ward to do some training.  Full Story Here…

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Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 18 – Italy 28/03/2007

On the day of the game 7 footsoldiers, made their way to meet with the British Consulate staff including the Prefect of Bari, Carlo Schiraldi and travelled to the children’s leukaemia ward of Bari General Hospital in a mini-bus led by police escort!

On arrival at the hospital, they were greeted by about 300 members of staff, parents and children all waiting on the steps of the hospital.

This tremendous reception continued inside the hospital and up to the first floor where the professor in charge of the leukaemia ward, Domenico De Mattia, welcomed TASA and some of the children asked for autographs!

Following the official cheque handover, the ward’s Professor was presented with a Lion Rampant flag.  They were then taken in to meet the kids. A stock of teddies wearing saltire sweatshirts, saltire school packs and Scotland T-shirts were presented to all the kids and in each room there were journalists and TV crews filming and taking photos.

In preparation for our visit, the kids in the hospital had painted saltires and welcome signs and also presented TASA with some lovely hand made Easter decorations.  Full Story Here…

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