Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 18 – Italy 28/03/2007

On the day of the game 7 footsoldiers, made their way to meet with the British Consulate staff including the Prefect of Bari, Carlo Schiraldi and travelled to the children’s leukaemia ward of Bari General Hospital in a mini-bus led by police escort!

On arrival at the hospital, they were greeted by about 300 members of staff, parents and children all waiting on the steps of the hospital.

This tremendous reception continued inside the hospital and up to the first floor where the professor in charge of the leukaemia ward, Domenico De Mattia, welcomed TASA and some of the children asked for autographs!

Following the official cheque handover, the ward’s Professor was presented with a Lion Rampant flag.  They were then taken in to meet the kids. A stock of teddies wearing saltire sweatshirts, saltire school packs and Scotland T-shirts were presented to all the kids and in each room there were journalists and TV crews filming and taking photos.

In preparation for our visit, the kids in the hospital had painted saltires and welcome signs and also presented TASA with some lovely hand made Easter decorations.  Full Story Here…

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