Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 17 – Ukraine 11/10/2006

We linked up with Tartan Kiev to help contribute to two charities in Kiev. Kiev Special School of Arts for Children with Impaired Vision, and one of the Kiev City Orphanages”

This fixture caught our imagination more than most, thanks to a large Ukrainian expat population in Scotland, and also the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl.

During the 6 months prior to the match Tartan Kiev raised almost £12,000 to add to the normal Sunshine Appeal donation, a range of activities and donations culminating with a dinner dance which was equally attended by Scots and Ukrainians.

Two children’s charities were identified….with the help of the Ukrainian Consul in Edinburgh and Alina Kisina, a Ukrainian photographer living in Edinburgh.

Alina suggested the Kiev Special School of Arts for Children with Impaired Vision, which turned out to be an inspirational place. Home to 120 children with no more than 3% vision, by working on crafts and music they provide the children with the means to make a living when they grow up. This in a country where there is no State support other than what’s necessary to barely keep the children alive, and where most disabled and uneducated children are destined to a life of poverty and misery.

The Consul suggested one of the Kiev City Orphanages, asking that we support a particular home which functions as a rehabilitation centre – homeless children brought off the streets are shaved and scrubbed, their clothes burned, and then they’re looked after for 3 months. If they have recovered sufficiently psychologically they are then placed in a permanent orphanage.  Full Story Here…

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