Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 16 – Lithuania 07/09/2006

Because of the changes to fixtures, the timescale to arrange anything similar to the previous donations in Lithuania was too short. It was agreed to donate to the same Children`s Home in Vilnius called Atsigrezk i Vaikus and also ask Lithuania Link (a UK based charity) if once again they could identify a use for a donation in the rural area of Zagare. With much help from Keith Shannon a Scot working in the British Embassy, liaison with the Children`s Home in Vilnius commenced, a list of items required was compiled and a date to visit was agreed. The proposal for the Lithuania Link donation was that the Youth Club in Zagare would use the funds to provide gifts and entertainment in the lead up to Christmas for the children living in the local orphanage called Naryshkin`s Palace.  Full Story Here…

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