Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 15 – Japan 14/05/2006

Founded in 1984, Nonohana-no-ie Children’s Home is a government-supported children’s home and has provided a secure, home-like environment for hundreds of Japanese and non-Japanese children who are the victims of child abuse, neglect and other inhumane treatment. This is also considered to be a subject which is often swept under the carpet in Japan.

The presentation itself went very well, the Children made a special effort drawing various posters and getting a Scottish theme going out there. Neil MacDonald who made the presentation was shown round the home where he met a lot of the children then was taken to the other building which house abused woman normally people who were non-Japanese who had married Japanese men and ended up being the victims of abuse.

Neil was then guest of honour at a Scottish party they had held in the Sunshine Appeal’s honour and gave him some posters they had drawn for the Scottish fans.  Full Story Here…

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