Everywhere We Go! – Denmark, April 2004 (Donation 6)

Danish Cancer Society – Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday 28th April by Dave Johnstone

Nine foot soldiers arrived at the embassy just before 5 to some odd looks by the locals. After verifying our identities to the woman on the gates (the Americans next door had marines on the front gate) we were sent into the back garden to congregate with the embassy staff and the children and Director from the Danish Cancer Society.

We were then taken down to the Cellar Club for a quick drink before the festivities started. The Ambassador Sir Nicholas Brown started off by welcoming everybody and made a short speech. He then handed over to me for a speech which I had only been told about at 2 that afternoon. Never again!!!

Once I had waffled on a bit explaining how the Tartan Army are the best fans in the world and mentioning the good work that foot soldiers had done prior to the Sunshine Appeal (Bosnia 99, Kemal Karic Appeal etc) along with the work the Sunshine Appeal have done I presented the cheque for 11,000 Danish Kroner to the Director of the society to use to fund their grieving groups. He then made a short speech.

I then gave the kids who were in attendance some Scotland flags and some Edinburgh Rock to spoil their teas with. The kids that were there had all lost a relative through cancer

We then congregated back in the bar for an hour or so as the Embassy supplied a free bar and buffet for everyone to honour the occasion. The Embassy had supplied tickets for the kids and directors to attend the game so they left early to get their seats while we stayed and chatted to the Ambassador and the other staff – and obviously have another couple of drinks.

I’d like to thank the following people:

  • Sir Nicholas Browne for allowing us to use the Embassy
  • Claire Campbell Clausen and Brite Hansen for doing all the organising at the Copenhagen end.
  • The foot soldiers who gave up part of the match day to attend this.
  • Alison Jack and Willie MacDougall. It was excellent that they came along (I had no idea they were) and to get some recognition from the SFA for the work we do. Thanks for also bringing along goodies for the kids.
  • Gerry Brady. Thanks for bringing the cheque over fella!
  • And most of all the kids from the grieving group that came along. It was great to see them there and hopefully the money that was donated will go a long way to helping kids that will eventually be in a similar situation to them in the future.

Dave Johnstone

There’s also a report on the website of The Copenhagen Pos