Tenth Anniversary Gathering

2013 marked the 10th Anniversary of the first Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donation in Lithuania in 2003.
Since that first donation, a remarkable 45 donations had been made at every away match that Scotland has played – bar none. There had been no occasions since 2003 where a donation had not been made. It was this approach and consistency that gave rise to the charity’s strapline – “Everywhere We Go“.

In order to recognise the work that all members and friends had put in over the period, and to allow an opportunity to celebrate the success of the Appeal and the consistent support that the Sunshine Appeal received and receives from Scotland fans, an evening of food, music and general shenanigans had been organised to allow us to get together in a social setting.

On the evening of Thursday 05 September 2013 (the night before we played Belgium at Hampden) there was held “The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal Tenth Anniversary Gathering“. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in East Kilbride.

The Gathering included a two course dinner and entertainment from the inestimable Ted “Better than Elvis” Christopher, Eric “The Cheeseman” McGirr and Special Guests.

In keeping with the excellent standard of husbandry of Sunshine Appeal funds set by the original Steering Group members and continued through the ten years since, no Sunshine Appeal funds were used to support this event. Therefore, the event had to be self-funding. However, and because of the tremendous financial support that the Sunshine Appeal has had recently from its supporters and the resultant healthy position of funds, this event was not a fund-raiser.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal thanks its supporters for their continued, unwavering support for the Appeal and its efforts over the first ten years.