Welcome to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal


Welcome to the home of the original and longest established charity funded by Scotland fans, the aim of which is to make a donation to identified children’s charities in every country in which the Scottish National Football Team plays matches. Since 2003, this has been achieved – uninterrupted.

Everywhere We Go!

!NEW! Donation 88 – Moldova, November 2021

Donation 87 – Faroe Islands, October 2021

Donation 86 – Austria, September 2021

Donation 85 – Denmark, September 2021

Privacy Statement

You can read about our work in the Past Projects area, but here’s the quick version. Ten years and our first 49 consecutive donations condensed into three minutes…

Euro 2012 Predictor Competition

We will soon have news of an exciting new Euro 2012 Predictor Competition that will have an interactive website. Thanks to Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal supporter Jamie Harrold for his support in this!

A couple of Thank Yous

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal recently received a couple of fantastic donations from two unsolicited sources.

Firstly, Jimmy and Eddie at Passport Travel – long-time friends of the Sunshine Appeal – donated a magnificent prize, the proceeds of which will go towards the Kilted Golf Day* funds.

Secondly, through the good offices of Scotland fan Graham Wood, TOTAL Oil’s Alwyn Field have donated £1000 to Sunshine Appeal funds.

We thank all of the people involved.