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Welcome to the home of the original and longest established charity funded by Scotland fans, the aim of which is to make a donation to identified children’s charities in every country in which the Scottish National Football Team plays matches. Since 2003, this has been achieved – uninterrupted.

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!!Upcoming Donation Announcement – No 101!!  Germany, June

!!Upcoming Donation Announcement – No 100!!  Gibraltar, June

Donation 99 Report – Netherlands, March 2024

Donation 98 Report – Georgia, November 2023

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As of 2nd June 2024, we’ve made 100 donations around the world since 2003.
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Or why not have a look at this wee video of highlights from the last 50 donations!

You can read about all of our previous donations in the Projects area, or have a listen to our chairman Neil Forbes talking about donations through the pandemic and beyond…

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This wee video condenses our first ten years and first 50 donations into three minutes…