Upcoming Donation 92 – Ukraine, September


For the Sunshine Appeal’s 92nd consecutive donation, we had started the ball rolling on potential donations right from the day of the draw in 2021. Then in February, everything changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with football becoming a complete after thought.

However during the summer, with your amazing work and efforts to raise funds for Dzherelo Centre in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv, we were able to turn our attention back to the Nations League qualifier against Ukraine, and while in better times the game would have been in Ukraine, the match will be taking place in Poland in the city of Krakow at the ‘Stadion Cracovii im. Józefa Piłsudskiego’.

Continuing our relationship with Dzherelo, we were alerted to Bebiko, in the Western Ukrainian City of Ternopil (2 hours’ drive from the Ukraine-Poland border).

Bebiko (which translates as “baby”) is a non-profit organization set up in 2010 that offers assistance to Children aged 2 to 5 years old who are affected with Down-Syndrome.

The organization currently looks after 60 children and not only provides a program aimed at solving the problem of integration and socialization of children and youths with Down syndrome, giving them the opportunity to fully function as they reach adulthood, but also to do away with the stigma that people may have of people with Down-Syndrome.

They hold individual, group and integrated classes every day, and during their 11 years of operation, have organised more than one hundred events and activities, both in their small centre in central Ternopil, as well as field trips for mothers and children with disabilities.

Bebiko strive to implement the right of children with Down-syndrome to integrate into society and provide access to a quality education, and we at the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal are delighted to help out such a worthy cause, which during these dark times in their country, need that ray of sunshine more than ever.

If Bebiko are unable to travel to Krakow due to the situation in Ukraine constantly changing, with the help of David McGirr (a Scot that lives in Krakow, who is Founder & Editor at Kraków Expats Directory & Kraków TV, as well as Multicultural Ambassador for the City of Kraków and Community Activist), we will be setting up a hub in central Krakow, and we would do a “virtual” presentation where Bebiko can appear in spirit from Ternopil via Zoom/Skype/Teams on to a big screen we will set up.

As well as our own donation, with 2,000 Scottish football fans expected to travel across for the game, we are now able to offer individual fans and Tartan Army Groups their chance to help out the children of Ukraine in their own way. We invite any fans traveling across for the game to visit our presentation on match day, and to come along and donate some physical items, which will all make its way to Bebiko in Ternopil, with details of that here.