Euro 2012 Predictor Competition

The Euro 2012 Predictor Competition is now open and running with 79 players taking part.

Like the successful World Cup 2010 comp, there is a dedicated website.

The website is interactive and allows entrants to predict scores for matches by certain cut-off dates i.e. you don’t have to predict all of the games before a ball is kicked.

Best of luck to all who are supporting the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal

Details here

Jacksonville, Florida

A report on the donation to the Jacksonville School for Autism will be up as soon as Graeme Baxter writes it.

Meanwhile, a couple of Thank Yous

“Thank You” to Jacksonville-Scot Bill Cowdrey.

Jacksonville-Scot, Bill Cowdrey

Bill’s ancestors were hounded out of Scotland after Culloden. Bill bought a match badge from this website and was fortunate enough to have it hand delivered. He promptly donated $20 to the Sunshine Appeal.

“Thank You” too, to kiltedblue2, mariokempes et al who donated the remainder of a kitty to the Sunshine Appeal. Their donation amounted to $98. And that was the remainder of the kitty. Must’ve been some kitty.

Sunshine Appeal Ale

Many and varied have been the ways that supporters of the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal have raised funds, but this must put a head on it. The Tyneside Tavern in Haddington is selling Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal beer. Punters donate 10p per pint which is then matched by the Tyneside Tavern. Cheers!