Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 24 – Macedonia 06/09/2008

The Macedonia donation was driven by Tartan Skopje with the TASA donation of £1000 helping to make up the total donation of £12,000. These funds were split between two charities in Skopje and the two presentations took place on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning before the match.

1. The Association for protection of children rights manages the Snezana day-care centre and currently works with two volunteers who manage all activities in the centre and provide for about 30 children. The children have otherwise been left on the streets begging and have not been taken care of by their parents for many different reasons.  The day-care centre succeeded to initiate and maintain contact with the parents who gave consent for the children to spend the day in the centre. Besides meeting the basic needs – food, hygiene & health checks the children also do educational activities, sports and other outdoor activities, music and art workshops, have guests and make visits.

2. The institution for rehabilitation of children and young people “Topaansko Pole” is a public institution working on social services, which enables observation, rehabilitation and correctional treatment, education and vocational training, as well as cultural, entertaining, sports and other activities for children with severe mental disability.

The overall process is run by an expert team and is broken up into several units, education unit, vocational training unit, adult day-care centre, day-care centre “Smile” for children aged 18 years or less with moderate and severe mental disability and a boarding school with a kitchen.  The activities are managed depending on the needs and the psychological and physical abilities of its beneficiaries – persons with moderate and severe mental disability.

120 beneficiaries are treated there, out of which 60 are with boarding accommodation.  Full Story Here…

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