Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 25 – Iceland 10/09/2008

Hringurinn (in English: The Ring) is a voluntary women’s organization, more than 100 years old, started originally to give help to sick and poor women and children. About 50 years ago it´s efforts were concentrated on the establishment of a children´s hospital in Iceland. Since then our main goal has been to support the Children’s hospital, including the Children’s mental hospital, and many other activities that concern sick children and treatment of children’s diseases.

The presentation was organised for the afternoon of Match day in Reykjavik.  The British Embassy in Reykjavik were also contacted to let them know about the presentation and with the assistance of Ardis Sigurdardottir, the press and public affairs officer for the Embassy, the TASA group was not only greeted with photographers and a TV crew but also the British ambassador for Iceland plus a representative for the Norwegian Embassy. The end result was that the presentation was covered by Icelandic TV and press giving the Tartan Army some very good publicity into the hearts of the Icelandic people.  Full Story Here…

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