Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 23 – Czech Republic 30/05/2008

The Klicek Foundation aims to improve the support, help and care for seriously sick children and their families both in hospital and at home. Their work involves the setting up of a hospice in the country to give kids a better surrounding than the hospital to aid their recovery. Alas some poor kids will also spend their last days there.

Here’s a bit from their own website which puts it all in perspective:
“Modern medicine, despite all its achievements and efforts, is not always able to save the life of a gravely sick child. Such a situation, if it occurs, is extremely difficult and demanding for both the child and his family. Having been discharged from hospital, they return home – and they have to live with the awareness of how limited the earthly time of their child is.”  Full Story Here…

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