Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 2 – Norway 20/08/2003

In 2003 Spud the Piper, piped us into the cancer hospital in Oslo and we then made our way up to the 9th floor, with Spud playing the pipes all the way up in the lift!

The sunshine appeal were welcomed into a private room with unbelievable views of Oslo and the Fjords, where a chef awaited us with fresh fruit and fruit juices, a welcome reprieve from £6 a pint lager!

The Hospital Director made everyone very welcome and spoke of the amazing kindness and charity given to them by the Sunshine Appeal. He was overwhelmed and explained that the laptop would be put to excellent use as it would help patients especially from the north of Norway, nearly 1000 miles away, communicate with friends and family from their bedside.

The British Ambassador, Marriott Leslie, also spoke of the great generosity and kindness of the Scottish Fans and said it went along with the common view of how the great reputation of the Scottish Travelling Support has been built up over the years.

We were then asked back to her house for a ‘Dram’, which we accepted (free drink in Oslo, who was going to turn that down!) as way of thanks to the Embassy for forking out about £150 in Taxi fares for us.

Once the 3rd bottle of Whisky was opened, granted the first 2 were only a 1/3 full, we made our ways back into town, and that was that.

A huge thank you to all that came along, especially Spud for piping, Jacques for presenting the laptop, Barry at PC World for the deal on the laptop and everyone that’s put even a tuppence in a bucket and everyone who reads this, as it means you have an interest in the Sunshine Appeal and have probably contributed to making this happen.

When all was done I had that proud feeling, not for myself but for being Scottish and all that goes with it.   Full Story Here…

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