Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 3 – Germany 10/09/2003

Our 3rd donation was made to an organisation called Association for Special Needs of Children and Young Persons in the District of Dortmund-Aplerbeck. The Association ran a mobile 5s court and organises tournaments for children and young people. The objective, to support the integration of foreign young people.

The actual donation took place on the Wednesday afternoon on a stage erected in the centre of Dortmund as a focal point for both sets of fans. It was thought an ideal opportunity to get some Tartan Army kids involved to make the presentation.

In the torrential rain that followed, the presentation of a cheque for £1000 was made to the president of the association. Eventually the pipes started and the kids were piped onto the stage to make the presentations and to swap souvenirs with the local kids.  Full Story Here…

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