Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 1 – Lithuania 02/04/2003

The inaugural sunshine appeal donation was made in Lithuania in 2003. The Sunshine Appeal made contact with Lithuania Link, a UK based Lithuanian charity who pointed us in the direction of a town called Zagare, a small town in the north of Lithuania. A donation of £1000 helped Lithuania Link to treat children of the small town to excursions and trips that they would have otherwise been unable to afford to do.

There was also an amazing collection of backpacks, stationary, toiletries, sweets, TA clothing, footballs and cuddly toys that were all donated to the Sunshine Appeal from fans and their employers. These were distributed to the children of Zagare and certainly put a little sunshine in their life.

The appeal also bought 50 match tickets for mentally handicapped kids, adults and their supervisors which would have been an amazing experience for them, as Lithuania won the match!   Full story here…

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