Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 48 – Norway 19/11/2013

Our 48th consecutive presentation was made to Krisesenteret in Molde in Norway.  In their own words this is what they do for children.

Violence and abuse is a part of many children’s lives and upbringing. Children exposed to violence and abuse will be characterized by these experiences throughout life. There is a great risk that children are exposed to violence are insecure and have reduced health and quality of life even in adulthood.

A large group of children are also exposed to violence through witnessing violence between parents. The effect of witnessing violence is just as serious as if it was the child who was prone to violence.  For many children it is a relief to get to the shelter. We see the children in most cases settle out relatively quickly. The energy that was previously tied up in survival strategies can be released to the child when the surroundings are quiet and safe. Assurance, predictability and stability are very important in children’s lives, and this is no less important at the shelter. In seeking to achieve this, we emphasize structure and plans, as regular meals, bedtimes, school / daycare, activities, etc.

At the request of the recipient charity, the presentation itself was carried out at half-time at FC Molde. In attendance were Neil McDonald & Graeme Shinnie of TASA, Ronnie Young, Ingrid from Krisesenteret, officials from Molde FC and the Mayor of Molde.  Neil made a speech on Norwegian TV and presented a cheque plus a Scottish Parliamentary Motion praising the work of Krisesenteret to our Norwegian friends.  Full Story Here…

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