Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 43 – Luxembourg 14/11/2012

A donation of £1500 was made to Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, Luxembourg on the morning of this friendly match.

The charity’s main aim is to help the families of children who suffer from cancer. This can involve medical, educational, psycho-social and administrative help. Houses in Luxembourg and Brussels are available to provide support to the families as the children are undergoing treatment. The foundation organises regular events and activities for the children to brighten their day, and provides home help, tutoring and schooling.

Financially, the Foundation supports the families by taking care of hospital bills, medication and transportation. At present around 160 children are helped by the home, which is fully funded by private donations, normally in the region of 25 euros!

Four members of the steering group along with members of Loony Alba, Westa, Dunfermline TA and the Cloverleaf bar TA visited the home in Luxembourg where they were given a tour by members of staff including the director of the foundation, Anne Goeres. The home was a very colourful place that included a play room, a study room and a relaxation room.

We were then introduced to a young girl who is receiving treatment and is being helped by the home. She and her sister were very taken by the men in the group with their kilts and Glengarries, as was the director!  We then received a gift to thank us for the donation – the mascot of the charity, a lion, which reminds the children to be brave. We felt was very fitting for us Scots!   More Pictures Here…

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