Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 7 – Estonia 27/05/2004

Several members of the Tartan Army, met up with the British Ambassador to Estonia, Nigel Haywood, the Embassy’s press officer, Raimo Poom, and chairwoman of the Childrens’ Hospital Foundation, Inna Kramer.

After taking them to a hospital wing desperately in need of a refit and introducing some gobsmacked children, Inna explained to the children the background of the Sunshine Appeal and the reason behind our visit that day.

She also described how the renovation of the hospital is entirely dependent on funds raised by the Foundation and how the Sunshine Appeal’s donation of 23,398 krooni (£1000) would benefit the refit of the traumatological department and assist in the purchase of a new cytogenetics system. The ambassador and the TASA representative, gave short and humble replies to this, reflecting our awe of the work of the staff and the bravery of the children, and also despair at the conditions and equipment they had to work with.

The head of the hospital, Dr Martenson, then continued the tour of the part of the hospital that was soon to be renovated, before showing us their state-of-the-art neo-natal unit, diagnostics lab, and soolakamber (salt chamber to you and me) which helps patients with respiratory problems.

We can all rest assured that our donation will made a huge difference here.
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