Countdown to the 50th Consecutive Donation: No. 10 – Italy 25/03/2005

A group of footsoldiers visited the Clinica Pediatrica De Marchi in Milan to make a donation to their charity – Fondazione G e D De Marchi.

An initial donation of 1,500 euros was presented from the Sunshine Appeal funds to help with the provision of a sterile room. When built, this room will be used to aid oncology patients during their chemotherapy treatment and other children with low immunity.

In addition, other members of the Tartan Army Message Board helped provide easter eggs and gifts for the children in the ward during our visit. At the request of the hospital staff, we left the easter eggs with them to divide out amongst the children that are allowed to eat chocolate.

The children were all staying in small rooms with only one or two occupants, so we visited every child and left them with a gift and an ‘I’ve met the Tartan Army’ badge. Hospital staff explained to each child who we were and why we were there. Each child was asked who would win the game the next night – Italy or Scotland. Bless them – the majority opted for Scotland – oh, the optimism of youth!  Full Story Here…

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