Donation in Brussels

On the morning of the match against Belgium in Brussels, the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donated (the equivalent of) £1500 to UZ Brussel. This is a Hospital with a Children’s facility. We donated directly to the Children’s facility.

Sarah Candaele from the unit says:- “Our job is to provide mental and psychological support to children with cancer and their families. With our a.w.l.p Child, Parents, Cancer we buy toys, books and art-materials for hospitalised children and we organise family-trips and parent meetings. For children with other diseases we have a recreation room. Those two projects are constantly searching for financial support, so your organisation can be sure that the donation will be well spent.

A small group of fans (including some from Cloverleaf Tartan Army) visited the unit and presented the cheque.

Report on the donation can be found here

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