Donation 69: Israel, October.

LAHAV – For The Premature Babies In Israel (Tel Aviv, October 2018).

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal are pleased to announce that we will maintaining our pledge to donate wherever the Scotland National team play when we present donation number 69 to LAHAV in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 11th 2018 – exact detail will be confirmed later.

LAHAV is a nationwide organization established by parents of preterm infants and premature babies for the purpose of promoting and improving the conditions for premature babies and their families in Israel, to try and reduce the number of premature births born each year and increase awareness of the dangers that lie ahead.

Premature babies occur 3 times more in Israel than in other western countries and they are fighting as a charity to help improve medical facilities with donations of equipment and also with support for families.

They are a not for profit organisation and this is their website – suggest you used Google Chrome to read the pages as it’s in Hebrew.מידע-שימ

They will use any donation to provide medical service for babies in need for those that are not covered by governmental insurance and also help provide equipment for the premature nurseries.

More information can be found here.

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