Donation 68: Mexico, June.

Fundacion Hogar Dulce Hogar (Mexico City, June 2018)

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal are pleased to announce that we will maintaining our pledge to donate wherever the Scotland National team play when we present donation number 68 to Fundacion Hogar Dulce Hogar in Mexico City, Mexico on 2nd June 2018.

Fundacion Hogar Dulce Hogar was founded in 1985. Their mission is to be a safe house for children that are at risk, offering them the possibility of living a childhood with dignity, happiness and love in a secure environment that impels their integral development.

The children at the orphanage, aged from birth to 8 years, come from those who are at risk because of abandonment, abuse, extreme poverty, domestic violence or whose parents have addictions or disease that prevent them from caring for them.

After initial contact and discussion with Fundacion Hogar Dulce Hogar, they have already identified a donation project. The donation will be used to purchase new beds and mattresses for the children that live at the orphanage.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal are looking forward to making this donation and we believe everyone at the orphanage will benefit for the donations intended use.

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